Ma & Pa Heritage Trail

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702 N. Tollgate Road
Bel Air, MD 21014

The Ma & Pa Heritage Trail is a walking, running and bicycle trail that follows the former Ma and Pa railroad corridor. The trail is composed of two segments, Bel Air (3.4 miles),  and Forest Hill (1.7 miles). The Dog Park, where dogs can play and run free in a fenced area, is located at Heavenly Waters Park, beyond the end of the Bel Air Trail.


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July 12, 2020
Catch A Pig 5k
MA & PA Trail
The race is an out-and-back along the MA & PA Trail. 1K Bacon Stroll walkers are invited to join in the fun! Proceeds go to the Boys & Girls Clubs. The kicker: THIS IS A CHASE! We’ll have young runners dressed in pink pig shirts (a.k.a. "the piglets"). They will have a few minutes head start on the pack. Those who pass at least one of the piglets before crossing the finish line get their name into a special drawing for prizes. BUT LOOK OUT! There are also a few BIG, BAD WOLVES who will get a late jump on you. If they all pass you, you'll lose the opportunity for the special drawing.
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